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Claeys & Engels supports #sterkerdancorona #plusfortquelecorona

The end of the corona tunnel is in sight, but we all have to hold on together for a little while longer! Our office is therefore launching our Boost!@C&E programme. We offer our lawyers and staff members a varied range of workshops with useful tips to boost their energy!

It ranges from chair yoga workshops and stress point massage techniques to presentations about healthy nutrition and ways to boost your energy. We have also organised a number of digital team events such as an online escape game, a cocktail/mocktail or Irish coffee workshop, an online music quiz, a virtual mentalist show and so on.

We have also put together our own Claeys & Engels playlist with our employees' favourite songs of the moment. The playlist already contains 119 songs, which together are good for 7 hours of music.

Our employees also regularly receive surprise packages at home, such as a coffee and tea package, because it is also important to take a break from time to time when working from home.

In this way we hope to support our lawyers and staff members and to offer them the opportunity to still “see” their colleagues in a corona-proof way and to enjoy some relaxing moments together.