What we do

As lawyers, we offer a full range of legal services in all areas concerning Human Resources Management.

Our clients are mostly national and international companies. They come to us for legal advice, for litigation support, for assistance with negotiations with contract partners, with trade unions, with social security authorities, with tax and health & safety authorities, for compliance issues etc.

On a daily basis our lawyers resolve problems and issue legal advice on a diverse range of HR-related issues such as:

  • individual employment relations
  • data protection issues (GDPR)
  • compensation and benefits
  • occupational pensions
  • assistance with the setting up and operation of a pension fund
  • tax advice regarding compensation and benefits, and occupational pensions
  • collective employment relations
  • immigration
  • health and safety
  • inspections by the Social Inspection service, the Tax authorities, etc.
  • social criminal law
  • corporate law aspects related to Human Resources Management (e.g. management agreements, remuneration policy, etc.)
  • discrimination in labour relations and pension issues
  • harassment at work
  • social media in the workplace
  • salary splits
  • individual and collective dismissals
  • company restructuring and closure
  • etc.

How we work

By working for Claeys & Engels, you too will benefit from our excellent reputation and “HR wisdom”. You will be involved in the most interesting cases, and, you will handle them yourself from beginning to end and deal with them on a daily basis.

We are close to our clients and to our clients’ needs. This is also reflected in the way we work as a law firm and the way we work as lawyers. Over time you will have the opportunity to build a privileged relationship with several clients.

You will be able to achieve all this in your own individual fully-equipped office.